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I want to give you a resource that will rock your world. If you start following what I recommend in my course you'll see and feel dramatic improvements in many areas of your life including:

  1. Health
  2. Fitness
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Happiness
  5. Success
  6. Sports Performance
  7. Enhanced Spirituality and Creativity

Take my free, 31-Day Raw Food Diet Success Course, and you will never be the same again. This course will shake the foundations of your being. It’s not just about diet; it’s about unleashing your full potential as a spiritual and physical being.


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Until now, this course was only available to my Raw Food Coaching Clients and members of my private website. In fact, I’ve improved the course and added more powerful resources to it. No one has seen it in its current version as of 8/17/05.

When you master the, “State of Consciousness,” of the Optimal Raw Food Diet, you will indeed have become a new person.

Why do I say, “State of Consciousness?” It’s because you have to change your thinking and beliefs to become successful at maintaining the Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Plus by eating a raw food diet, you naturally change your state of consciousness, because of the effect of the raw foods on your thoughts and emotions. Anyone who achieves balance on a raw food diet, has made a major achievement in life. They have overcome an addiction as powerful as almost any drug.

But not to worry. The biggest thing you have to overcome are your own misconceptions of what it will be like to eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The great news is that you still get to eat. The even better news is you can eat delicious recipes when you want to. I’ll be showing you simple raw food preparation techniques that will make your food taste absolutely amazing. Many raw recipes can be made in about 10 minutes.

Here’s the number one secret to raw food diet success: If you love what you eat, then sticking to the diet is easy.

Imagine a diet where your main meal is dessert. Delicious fruits are the basis of the Optimal Raw Food Diet. You get to eat sweet fruit all throughout the day. You can have guilt free dessert, all the time.

We humans have a sweet tooth for a very good reason. It’s because we should be eating mostly fruit. Eating refined sugars and cakes is very unhealthy, but getting sugar from natural fruit sources is the best for your health.

Ok then, let me give you a list of very powerful reasons for wanting to get back to nature and eat a raw food diet. The more reasons you have for doing something the more powerful your motivation to do it is.

Top 10 Reasons to Go Raw

  1. Ignite your passion for living. My life is twice as fun and fulfilling since going 100% raw. You gain much more than you lose while at the same time you unleash the Superbeing within.
  2. Heal virtually any disease. You may never need to go to the doctor again. Here is a partial list of the diseases that people have reported being healed, when they went on a raw food diet.
    1. Heart Disease
    2. Cancer
    3. Arthritis
    4. Diabetes
    5. Depression
    6. Asthma
    7. Colitis, Crohn's Disease and IBS
    8. Psoriasis
    9. Candida Albicans
    10. Schizophrenia
    11. Multiple Schlerosis: M.S. and too many others to list here
  3. Burn fat like crazy and then level out to your body's ideal weight, all while you eat until full. No need to count calories.
  4. Anti-Aging: Raw foods are The Fountain of Youth. Look, feel, act and move as if you were 10 to 20 years younger. Raw foods contain light, electricity, happiness, coherence and that is why they have such a powerful youth giving properties.
  5. Unleash more energy than a seven year old child.
  6. Crush depression and feel vibrantly happy from the cellular level. You won't believe how happy you feel all the time.
  7. Create success because the Optimal Raw Food Diet defeats laziness. {Breads and grains actually make you feel lazy, while raw foods will invigorate you.}
  8. Burst brain fog and develop crystal-clear thinking and high levels of creativity.
  9. Increase your level of spiritual awareness and alignment with nature. {I used to get so angry all the time, now my anger quickly drops away. I feel at ease.}
  10. Best diet for athletes: Increase your aerobic fitness, enjoy deep nasal breathing, decrease injuries due to exercise, experience deeper concentration and play sports competively even at advanced ages.

Why am I giving away my secret course?

You may be wondering why I’m giving away this valuable and life-changing information. Part of it is because I’m on a mission to help save and improve the world. Since my spiritual rebirth in 1987 I've had a burning desire to help people improve their lives and reach their full potential.

Eating a Raw Food Diet is a powerful way for you to improve your life. However, I like to share many other techniques as well. I’ve been studying and teaching personal development and spirituality since the early 80’s.

So I also share with you the techniques I have found most powerful in improving my life and those of my coaching clients. My passion is to help you unleash the Superbeing inside of you.

Most people have no idea how powerful they truly are. When you experience the higher spiritual states, you’ll be a changed person forever. But that discussion is for another day. I’m just trying to share with you my passions and what I am qualified to share with you.

I’m a Radiant Health Coach (Raw Food Nutrition), author and professional tennis instructor. I’ve created many informative websites including,,,,, and more.

But let’s get real, a big reason I am giving away this course is because I want you as a customer. I earn my living, by doing what I love. I know that if I give you great information and don’t tease you with incomplete content, you may consider buying one or more of my products.

Personally, I like to buy things from people I like and that I have things in common with. By giving you access to a course people pay for, I’m hoping you’ll feel grateful and that you become a customer.

I plan on building a relationship with you and having you become my friend. If I've been helpful in improving your life, I hope you'll consider supporting me by buying one or more of my products.

By signing up for my 31-Day course, you’ll also be getting my Superbeing Secrets Letter. In the Superbeing Secrets Letter, I discuss the topic of Peak Living Through: Raw Foods, Fitness, Self-Help and Spirituality. These are my areas of personal interest and expertise.

It comes out anywhere from once every two weeks to several times a week. There is no specific delivery schedule. Whenever I have good information for you I share it immediately.

Some of the articles in my course were originally written for my newsletter. You are going to want to open and read my articles as soon as they reach your inbox. I don’t just share fluff, I share powerful information that works.

I’m also not just trying to sell you something. All of the articles will give you what you want, information to help you succeed at the Optimal Raw Food Diet and to help you reach your full potential. If you are like many of my other readers, you won’t want to miss a single issue.

Of course, you’re never obligated to buy anything and you can unsubscribe at any time. I always have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of my emails to you.

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Here’s a run down of the things you’ll be receiving in my 31-Day Secret Course.

The good news is; I’ve added even more valuable information to my course. Just in the first day’s email you’ll receive five valuable resources that you could spend hours reading and even participating in.

Here’s what you get on the first day of the course.

1. The 27 Guidelines to an Optimal Raw Food Diet

2. Discover the 7 Easy Tricks to Staying Raw

3. "Why Eating Low-Fat is Healthy and How to Get the Right Ratio of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids in Your Raw Food Diet." Listen to my 9-minute audio or read the transcript.

4. Gain access to my Superbeing Forum, which discusses the topic of Peak Living Through: Raw Foods, Fitness, Self-Help and Spirituality. These are my areas of personal interest and expertise.

The Superbeing Forum is the place to go if you want to get your question answered or if you want to join an online community of like-minded people. There's no cost to participate. I think you'll find it quite informative and it will help guide you to raw food diet success.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Read this fantastic FAQ on the Low-Fat Raw Food Diet.

I’ll be including several articles containing detailed information from Dr. Graham and his wife Professor Rozalind Graham. I’ve taken notes from several of their talks and included them in the 31-Day Course. They are amongst the top raw food speakers and leaders in the world.

Titles of All the of the 31 Days:

  1. Five Valuable Resources for You
  2. How to Double Your Energy Levels
  3. Are You Running a Fever?
  4. B12 and the Raw Food Diet
  5. pH Imbalance Symptoms
  6. How do You Decide What You Should Eat?
  7. Raw Spaghetti Meal and Raw Food Preparation Tips
  8. Raw Food Equivalents to Cooked Foods
  9. How to Make Low-Fat Raw Pates
  10. More from the Dr. Graham and Roz Gruben Talk
  11. Dangers of Eating Garlic
  12. More from Dr. Douglas Graham Talk
  13. Possible dangers of Colon Cleansing Products
  14. About colds from Dr. Norman Walker
  15. Raw Nut Pate and Recipe Links
  16. Raw Lasagna Recipes
  17. Determine the Nutrient Levels in Foods
  18. Date info and the Dangers of Excitotoxins
  19. Four Interesting Articles on Nutrition
  20. Okinawan Diet is High in Carbohydrates
  21. Placebo and Depression Article
  22. Raw Foods and Acne
  23. Scientific Support for Vegetarian High Carbohydrate Diets
  24. The Grape Cure and Testimonials
  25. Mental Diet and HeavyHands
  26. How to Beat Cancer
  27. Do You Need Warm Meals?
  28. Logic and common sense kill the Superbeing within!
  29. Are there enough calories on a raw diet?
  30. Ways I failed at going 100% Raw
  31. A way to deal with cravings.

I hope I gave enough information and motivation to consider sharing your contact information with me and getting a course that can change your life. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 1-732-226-0782 between 11am and 6pm Eatern Time in the United States. Or just email me at rh(at) Please be sure to replace the (at) with the @ sign.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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