Audio Consultation
with member Tommie Burchard

What you'll learn in Roger's Consultation with Tommie:

1. Sleep--how much is enough? What if you don't have time to sleep that much?

2. Salt--some sources say that salt is essential while others say it is a poison? Could it depend on the individual?

3. Winter and raw--apples, oranges, and bananas (and dates) aren't enough. Plus we need your girlfriend's recipe book. :)

Tommie Burchard has been 100% raw since June 24, 2005. She's lost over 60 pounds. This is from someone who is on thyroid medication. People with thyroid problems tend to have tremendous problems losing weight. You can read all about her raw food success story at her blog. She also has several before and after pictures.

Tommie's Blog

I broke up the audio consultation into two parts. The first part is about 41 minutes long the second part is almost 33 minutes. Just click on the play buttons below. If you scroll over the buttons with a mouse it will tell you what each button does in a mini pop-up window.

Please give the audio a few seconds to load after you press the play button.

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Consultation Part 1

Consultation Part 2

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske