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How You Can Get the Raw Secrets Bonus Package

I have some great news for you. I have three special bonuses if you decide to join with the yearly membership. Actually there are 6 bonuses plus a special secret bonus I just added. So please read this whole page to see everything that you can get by joining for a year.

Have you heard about the book “Raw Secrets,” by Frederic Patenaude? I've been highly recommending that book for the last couple of years. The only problem is that I can't find my copy anymore and the book is out of print.

My problems are solved, now I can read it on my computer and I'll never lose it again. You can get “Raw Secrets,” as an e-book in PDF format. It sells for $24.95 at Frederic's site. Take a look for yourself and you'll see how valuable his book will be for you.

“Raw Secrets” is one of the only raw food books that explains the benefits of a low fat raw food diet. This book will save you a lot of trouble in making beginner's mistakes with raw foods. This is a good book for beginners or people who are experienced with a raw and living foods diet. He busts a lot of the raw food myths in this book.

Frederic also has very interesting chapter on how low our protein requirements actually are. There have been studies of some native groups of people that get an average of only 10 grams of protein per day and they have excellent health. This is about 1500% less protein than the average American male eats in a day.

When you join my site: The Raw Food Diet Success Society (at and get a one-year membership, I'll send you a copy of the ebook version of “Raw Secrets.” as a special bonus. 

Go to the home page to learn more about all the wonderful things you'll get by joining the Raw Food Diet Success Society. 

But wait, there is still much more value to this package. (I know this sounds like an infomercial but I'm really excited about all of these bonuses.) How would you like to get 5 more awesome books? Well actually four of them are raw food magazines and one of them is an e-booklet. But these magazines are the equivalent of a book. The information in them never gets old, it is timeless.

You'll get the last four issues of “Just Eat An Apple” magazine that Frederic Patenaude published. I remember reading that volume 3 issue (The Blood Type Diet discussed). It just blew me away. It was the perfect magazine to give to raw food beginners. I just love that issue and can't recommend it highly enough to you. I've reviewed that issue here: Just Eat An Apple

I gained so much clarity from reading that issue. You get articles from the top raw food authorities in the world. The four magazines are considered a year's subscription. Back issues sell for $7.00 each. So you're getting an extra $28 value. But the information contained in these magazines is priceless.


They'll be in PDF format so you can read them on your computer at any time. Remember you'll get all of these bonuses by joining my members only website – The Raw Food Diet Success Society. Frederic has been kind enough to allow me to share his great information with you if you join for a year's subscription.

Here's another bonus if you join with a one year membership. You'll get "36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw-food or Vegan Diet” — a very enlightening booklet filled with Frederic Patenaude 's best tips and pieces of advice that he's been gathering over the years. This is a $12.95 value.

There are some really great tips in there. I really liked his discussion on improving the health of your teeth. He has a link to his new website that discusses it in further detail. But suffice it to say that if you don't do the raw diet correctly, it can lead to some major teeth problems. Frederic will show you how to do it right and what precautions you should take. He has some great information from a Raw Foodist Dentist he knows.

The total Raw Secrets Bonus Package is worth $53.90. That's almost double what you'd have to pay if you split your one-year membership of the Raw Food Diet Success Society with a friend. These are extra bonuses. You also get all the bonuses mentioned on the order page. So now is the best time to join. All the bonuses totaled, come out to a $359.90 value.

Give yourself and a friend the gift of radiant health, happiness, fitness, peak performance and much more. 

You can order your one year membership right here or go back to the order page so you can see the other bonuses you get by joining the Raw Food Diet Success Society.

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Thank for taking the time to read this over carefully.  I think you'll agree that you are getting much more than you paid for. You have 30 days to give it a try at no risk to you. 

If at some point during the year you don't want to continue with membership the following year, you can cancel at any time. Just email me if you have any questions and I'll take care of it right away. I won't put any pressure on you to change your mind. Just email me if you have any questions. rh(at)

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